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Managed Payroll Services

Intelliob Payroll Outsourcing for Growing Business

Making changes to payroll processing systems is fraught with danger, not to mention terribly expensive and time consuming processes involved. This is where outsourcing saves the day. Our service adapts as your business evolves. Whether your company undergoes internal growth or contraction, merger or other corporate change, our highly scalable processes and technology easily integrate new business units, employees and systems.

We Compute the payroll complete with leaves, loans, advances, allowance, deductions,increment, arrear,reimbursement ect. and deliver reports, tax and statutory forms based on prevalent taxation laws. You no longer need to worry about the implications of ever-changing taxation rules. It is our responsibility to ensure compliance with the applicable laws.

Managed Payroll with employee Self Service Portal.

  • User Defined Allowance / Deductions
  • User Defined Public, Company Holidays
  • User level Audit Logs of Master Configurations Changes
  • Calendar Year or Fiscal Year Computations
  • Salary Increments Management
  • Auto Salary Arrear Calculations and Payments
  • Leave & Encashment Policies and Options
  • Leave Carry Forward & Expiration Configurations
  • Leave Balance Reporting
  • Compensatory Off managements
  • Online Leave Application and Approvals
  • Generate Journal Voucher for Accounts
  • User Defined Moratorium Periods for Loans
  • Automatic Installments and Interest calculations based on repayments periods
  • On Separation Full and Final Settlement, Gratuity & Loan/Advance Recovery Calculations
  • Single Payment Fore-Closure Options
  • Various Pay-Slip Formats
  • Income Statement tax computation
  • Payment Mode- Direct Bank Transfer, Cash, Cheque
  • Payments Register
  • Bonus Register Reports
  • Medical Reimbursements
  • Bank Statement
  • Generate Salary Register/Statement