Human Capital Management

Reduce administrative burden of your HR department.



Drive Your Business Strategy by retaining Human Talent

HR is no more at the bottom of the priority list. The older school of thought that equated HR with inventory tracking has given way to the new one that equates HR with Asset Management. After all, it is the people who make the organization what it is. Of late, HR has acquired greater complexity what with dynamic factors like attrition, continued learning, efficiency monitoring, et al.

Research says that 80% of HR is taken up by administration, leaving a mere 20% for planning, analysis and improvement. Accord e-HR is all set to set right this balance. With Accord e-HR, your HR Team is now equipped to work smart.

Accord e-HR provides practical ways to seamlessly integrate the people side of the business with the organizations strategic initiatives.


  • Policies & Procedures
  • Benefits Administration
  • Industrial Relations Advisory
  • Occupational Health & Safety

  • The core function of this module is to ensure that the Organization's employment relations are conducive to optimizing the contributions of its human resources. The Accord e-HR Employee Relations Module helps mangers interpret employee policy, administer employee benefits and manage industrial relations and Health & Safety issues.


  • Application Processing
  • Appointments & Engagements
  • Manpower & Organizational Design

  • The Recruitment & Staffing modules manage the Organization staffing needs. It assists managers in assessing the Organization manpower requirements effectively; ensuring vacancies are filled promptly to minimize any loss of efficiency in the Organization’s operations.


  • Performance Management & Appraisals
  • Training & Devlopment
  • Change Management
  • HRIS Portal Maintenance

  • This module handles the individual performance management details, which is centered on the staff appraisal process and the development of staff through training interventions. These include the development of programs and project plans to ensure that staffs are aligned to the Organization’s strategic goals


  • Payroll & Benefits Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Employee Tax Compliance
  • statutory Compliance

  • In Accord e-HR, Payroll is an integral part of the eHR and authorized data entered into the employee file automatically effects payroll on approval. The calculation and payment of wages, salaries and pensions including deductions, allowances, overtime etc. in accordance with Organizational policies and government regulations are managed by the comprehensive Payroll Management System.


  • Time Office
  • Shifts and Duty Rostering
  • Leaves & Holidays

  • This module handles the various organizational time management objectives like working time schedules with shift definitions, workdays, holidays, Leaves, absense, related policies and more. It also provides various managerial functions and report writer tool to generate user defined reports with various permutation and combinations.


  • Analyse HR data
  • Improve employee performance
  • Gather data on employee efficiency
  • Get insight into process
  • Make decisions to improve processes
  • Get better return on investment

  • Identify data that needs to be captured and predict capabilities so the organization gets an optimal return on investment on its human capital.